Taking care of your jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most personal accessories. It can be transferred through generations and can be worth a lot. Understanding how to take care of your jewelry can make a world of difference in maintaining its sparkle and keeping your pieces for generations.

Gold Jewelry

The following tips apply to both yellow gold and rose gold. If treated right, gold jewelry
should last for years. Here are a few things to keep in mind while wearing gold jewelry:

  • Gold is a soft metal, which means it is susceptible to dents and scratches. 
  • Be careful of your gold rings, bracelets and watches when wearing them and remove them when doing high-contact activities.
  • Chlorine is a gold’s worst enemy: chlorine will weaken your jewelry’s structure and can lead to breaking. Always take your gold jewelry off before going to a pool.
  • Always put your jewelry on last when getting ready, as perfume, makeup and lotions can damage your jewelry. Be sure to limit its exposure to those elements as much as possible.
  • Wearing jewelry while you shower can lead to soap film buildup on your jewelry which will take away its shine. Be sure to take them off before bathing.
Gold Jewelry
How to clean gold

In a large bowl, mix 2 parts of dish soap and 10 parts of warm water. Soak your jewelry for 3 hours then gently scrub with a soft, clean brush. Finally, rinse with hot water, dry with a microfiber cloth and polish with a jewelry cloth.

In order to take proper care of your jewelry, always store it in a jewelry box as the material used is made to be soft on jewelry. To be extra safe, store pieces seperately and wrap each piece of jewelry in its own cloth. Finally, do not forget to schedule a yearly professional cleaning.

Silver Jewelry

Silver is known to tarnish quickly because of its composition. Tarnish is the result of a chemical reaction between oxygen and sulfur air particles. There are some tips to prevent tarnish:

Silver Jewelry

  • Wear your silver jewelry as your skin’s natural oils will help keep silver shinny. Letting jewelry sit in a box usually makes then tarnish faster.
  • Remove when cleaning as substances with additional sulfur like house cleaning products can accelerate the appearance of tarnish.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight. Make sure to remove your silver jewelry when going to the pool or staying under the sun for too long.
  • Always put your jewelry on last when getting ready, as perfume, makeup and lotions can damage your jewelry. Be sure to limit its exposure to those elements as much as possible.
  • Store your silver jewelry with a few pieces of chalk.
  • Use the silica packs found when you buy new clothing or bags and toss them in your jewelry box instead of throwing them away. They help prevent tarnish.

Onyx Jewelry

Cleaning onyx is easy. Just use a soft to wipe any dirt off your gemstones. Remember not to soak onyx in water as it can weaken the material. Since onyx is very absorbent, you should not use any chemical product while cleaning to avoid changing the color. Just use a clean cloth with a little water and dry right after.

Onyx Jewelry

Hematite Jewelry

Hematite gemstones can come in different shades from grey to black. They have a shiny polished surface and they sometimes looks like silver. They are made of 70% iron and 30% oxygen. IT can be found all over the world. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your hematite jewelry

Hematite Jewelry

  • Each piece should be stored in an individual bag. Hematite is susceptible to scratches by other gemstones. Hematite bracelets car become damaged if worn when doing high contact activities.
  • Only use soap and water to clean hematite jewelry as harsh chemicals can damagethe material

String & Silk Jewelry

String bracelets can be tricky to clean. They accumulate dirt more easily and cannot be cleaned with a simple cloth just like any other hard material.

String & Silk Jewelry

  • Since string and silk bracelets are so delicate, soak them in lukewarm water with a small amount of clothing detergent for about 15 minutes.
  • Do not use warm water in the cleaning process as it can shrink the piece.
  • If stained, use a soft toothbrush with a small amount of detergent and delicately brush off the stain.


Cultured pearls are quite delicate and require special care. They cannot be maintained the same way as other jewelry. To clean pearls, follow these tips to clean your pearls.

Pearl Jewelry

  • Wipe them with a cloth as often as you wear them. This will help prevent building of oils on the material
  • Use dish soap and lukewarm water to clean your pearls if they are visibly stained
  • Let them dry completely or dry them with a soft cloth before you store them in a jewelry box.
  • Wear them often to prevent them from drying out. They live better in a moist environment

As for more general tips, try to store your jewelry inside a jewelry box as the material use in these boxes is made to prevent scratches on any type of material. Try to separate your pieces as much as you can depending on the size of your box. If possible, send your jewelry to be cleaned yearly in order to keep them looking new and have a professional fix any damages or broken pieces. This will keep your jewelry as new for a longer period.