14k gold filled beads



22 Jewelry prides itself of hand crafting authentic collections using materials of 14k gold filled beads.

22 Jewelry stands by their quality and offer repairs and returns for damaged goods. The brand requires the presence of the engraved 22 logo, as seen above, in order to adhere to this policy.

The jewelry is a delicate and luxury item. Although the collections are designed to be lived, we suggest the following for optimal care:

The beads are real gold:
The beads are 14 KT gold filled, and can endure water without changing color. Be cautious with salt water.

It’s best to keep the jewelry away from hair spray, perfume, and body lotion. Such products may cause the metal to tarnish.



What to beware of:
Showering, exercising and sleeping in the jewelry may weaken or even break the elastic cord material.

How to take it off:
It is recommended to roll the jewelry off rather then pulling it off to prevent weakening or breaking of the elastic cord.

Special instruction for necklace care:
Chains are thin and delicate, therefore they should not be pulled off the neck rather be unclasped carefully to prevent breaking.

Pearl details:
We use genuine pearls so they can vary in shape and color by product.

14k gold filled beads