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Limited Edition Chilli, Evil Eye, Hamsa Necklace



*All pieces are handmade to order

*Please use our size guide below to help with sizing

2MM 14KT yellow gold beaded necklace with 5 Enamel Chilli Peppers charms.

4MM 14KT yellow gold beaded necklace with 5 Cubic Zirconia Hanging Evil Eye charms.

4MM 14KT yellow gold beaded necklace with 5 Cubic Zirconia Hanging Hamsa charms.

Combine it with the Dog Tag Pendant Necklace to complete the look as shown in the picture.

Choose from three captivating charm options to personalize your necklace:

  1. Chili Pepper Charms: Embrace the fiery passion of the chili pepper. These charming additions add a touch of spice to your style, symbolizing both courage and zest for life. Wear them to ignite your inner fire and stand out with confidence.

  2. Hamsa Charms: Invite protection and positivity into your life with the Hamsa hand charms. With its ancient origins rooted in various cultures, the Hamsa is a symbol of blessings and safeguarding against negative energies. Adorn your necklace with these charms for an elegant blend of tradition and fashion.

  3. Evil Eye Charms: Ward off negativity and envy with the captivating Evil Eye charms. Believed to protect against malevolent glances, these charms are a timeless emblem of safeguarding your well-being. Elevate your style while keeping negative energies at bay.

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