A matching loungewear set is a major wardrobe need. it’s a go-to for traveling, comfortable lounging, and sleeping. With both home & away looks, It also makes for an effortless outfit on the road.

Today, there’s often little distinction between what we wear at home, and what we wear out. Joggers and sweatshirts feel equally appropriate in the bedroom or grocery store.

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short.

Chances are that modern loungewear is what you’ve been wearing for the better part of the past few years. Whether you are working from home, going to the pharmacy, or even making it a day-to-day outfit for any type of occasion, you have come to the right place to shop.

Here are 22 Jewelry, we love to style even when staying at home. Our favorite lounge pieces are baggy sweatpants and a matching, comfortable, big hoodie.

What is 22 Loungewear?

22 Loungewear is a set of specific pieces that are true to the 22 brand, going from socks, to wristbands, all the way to sweatshirts, we designed each piece using the softest, most comfortable materials. Our lounge collection can be used as day-to-day wear, as workout accessories, or for staying at home.    

The interchangeability of our pieces is because a cozy, pared down outfit can be whatever you want it to be. You can accessorize our loungewear with our jewelry when going out or keep your outfit comfortable and simple if staying home, looking effortlessly chic.