Christmas is back, and we’re sharing the best gift ideas! We’re always excited during this special holiday. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and as you know, its not always easy to surprise with a gift that’s meaningful.

Today, we want to share with you some of our special ideas, whether you are looking for something to offer a toddler, your husband, a friend, or a colleague at work, we have you covered with our gift guide list. We would like to mention that those suggestions are not related to any affiliate marketing, they are truly suggestions from us. Find Jewelry Sales Times with us.


For your kids…

Looking for a cute toy that you child can go anywhere with? This talking hamster is IT, the perfect gift to drive parents crazy! It repeats anything your child says and let’s just say… it is loud! Our kids LOVE IT!


If you’re obsessed with sensory activities and are looking for play pretend toys, this one is interesting. It has real running water, comes with plates and drinking glasses for your child to have fun with. You can also add some organic dishwashing soap to make it more fun.


Some of our kids are obsessed with jewelry, bags, cute outfits and always want to look good. We have jewelry collections for the whole family, why not get a matching motherdaughter earrings such as the LANA 16MM Earrings.

For older kids who are a little more adventurous, I think this one is perfect. I got this for my 7 year old for his birthday and lets just say my three kids fight over it. It goes fast, and it perfect for small spaces because it wiggles and turns very easily. Any child would LOVE this toy.


For your husband…

Sometimes we forget about how much our other half loves jewelry, but a nice bracelet is always welcomed. They can help you as career coach in the future. Our collections come different colors, sizes, and materials. But our choice for the season is the MINI RAMI BRACELET 4MM. It is simple, stylish, and goes with about everything. He can just put it on and never take it off.

For a friend…

A 22 item is a nice gift for a friend, you can decide whether you want to give a statement piece, or get multiple pieces to stack together. Either way, we have choices. From our necklaces, to our bracelets, all the way to our rings, you can find what you need. Our choice for the season is the belt. It is different, can be used at the beach or with a casual outfit. It is one of our special pieces which you may not find with other brands.

Pajamas! My all time favorite. Most of my pajamas come from Eberjey and I can say they are the SOFTEST and MOST DURABLE! They come in different materials, and I love all of them. Oh! and they do have a Christmas edition! This would be the perfect gift for a close friend, a sister, or anyone that is special to you.