Despite being an unobstructive statement piece, belts can make or break an outfit. This accessory really shows whether you care about having a complete look. Most people own a few belts in their closet. However, very few people know how to dress using them in a fashionable manner. Belts have a rich history, and most people have no idea how they came to be.


The earliest documentation of belts goes all the way back to 3300 BC in the Bronze Age. Initially, belts were used by men to carry tools or armory. Military bands were worn around the waist and are considered the first belts ever documented. In Greece, leather belts were also immensely popular and were known to keep clothing in place and have more flexibility.

Men in Europe started wearing pants much later, in the 16th century. It is only in the 19th century that trousers waists fell to a lower line and belt loops were created.

Women started wearing belts much later than men. In the middle age, they carried their purses and fans on their belt. The belt was, in a way, the predecessor of the modern bag as we know it. Belts became more of a style statement with the creating of the handbag and the popularity of blouses and long skirts.

Fashion statements

If you want to stay on top of the current trends and keep your look feeling fresh, the best way to do so is adding a standout accessory. Wearing a pair of crisp white oversized t-shirt worn as a dress and accessorizing this outfit with a belt can look very trendy.

Another very trendy look is wearing a mini dress and using a buckle belt for a bolder look, adding more definition to your outfit. Today, women wear jewelry belts with heir bathing suits to add a fun layer to their beach outfit, looking more flattering.

As a conclusion, belts can have a big effect on your outfit, and can be fun to play with using different styles. Here at 22 Jewelry, we have a beaded belt in collaboration with Stefania Vaidani, styled with pearls which can be worn many ways. Look at our collection and order!