Oceans and beaches have never failed at being an inspiration for artists. Jewelry has particularly been affected in its materials and designs. With their bright variety of colors and shapes, corals are used by so many designers to make their collections unique, and it has been so for over a thousand of years.

What are corals?

As we know them, corals reefs have been evolving on earth over the past 200 to 300 million years. Most people compare corals to rocks. However, they are made of tiny little creatures called polyps. Each of these polyps attach themselves to a rock or another polyp’s dead skeleton. Slowly, they give shape to the foundations of familiar corals that we see in the ocean today.

Corals are known to be sessile. This means that they permanently attach themselves to the ocean floor. They take root just like any other plant on earth and continue growing from that root for their entire life. 

How do Corals eat?

A coral’s diet is obtained essentially from tiny organisms called zooxanthellae who live on the tissue of many different animals such as corals. However, corals can also “fish for food”. They can extend their tentacles and wave them in the water where small fish, plankton or other food particles touch the surface of their tentacles. They use their thousand of stinging cells to kill their prey before passing it to their mouth.

Why are corals so essential?

Coral reefs are one of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet. They support more species per unit area than any other marine environment. Scientists estimate that there may be millions of undiscovered species living around of coral reefs which is considered key to finding new medicines.

Coral reefs also protect shorelines from approximately 97% of the energy coming from waves, floods, and storms, helping to prevent loss of life, erosion, and property damage. When reefs are damaged and destroyed, their absence can increase the damage of coastal communities.

Coral reefs are severely threatened by pollution, disease, and habitat destruction. Once damaged, the creatures inhabiting them become vulnerable, and communities become more susceptible to damage. Coral damage can also impact our communities financially as fishing and tourism can be affected.

The color

The color Coral was named color of the year in 2019, naming it the “Living Coral”. Many known designers such as Marc Jacobs or Prada created collections around the color and used corals as an inspiration, while putting forward their importance to our environment. They used the word “Living” as hope instead of the word “dying” which is a fact. In addition to representing the most valuable ecosystem on our planet, the Panton Color Institute denoted the color as nurturing and appearing over and over in our natural surroundings while making a lively presence on social media.  

How are corals used in fashion?

Inspiration based on corals is all about using light fabrics and adding bright colored accessories, while choosing practical pieces that can make an outfit unique while staying clean and simple.

The main source of energy for coral reefs is the sun. However, one of the most striking characteristics of corals is the reef itself. With its bright colors and different shapes, it is eye catching and dynamic.

Here at 22 Jewelry, we use different pieces found all over the world. We have decided to create a new collection made of corals, creating bright and colorful beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces, and beaded anklet for our girls to accessorize their summer outfits the way they should.

This collection was inspired by the beauty of the ocean and the idea of hidden pieces which need to be found and cherished. We try to make each item unique, while offering a variety of styles for each person to appreciate as they wish.

People go out of their way to see coral reefs. Whether it is through tourism, or for medicinal purposes, corals bring out a pleasant energy which we try and reproduce through our collection