Every home needs to accessorize. Some people shop at major stores and furnish their house fast, others take their time to find key pieces that make a house feel like a home. Today we would like to talk about Sabrina Bennett, a Haitian artist who designs ceramics using paint. Her items are custom made and her collections can range to small bowls, to dinnerware, to home décor, and even home labeling.

We were lucky enough to interview Sabrina to know more about her inspiration and plans.

Sabrina, can you present yourself?

My name is Sabrina Bennett. I live and Haiti and have three kids who all live in Miami. I am very ambitious, generous, and I have no filter. I express myself through art and I am passionate about what I do. I love travelling and exploring new environments to get new ideas. My family is both my biggest motivation and inspiration.

How did you become an artist?

As a child, I always loved painting. In fact, my mother owned a clothing store called Bagaille. I would draw gingerbread houses on fabric and my mother would then embroid it into dresses and shirts for men, women, and children. I always knew I would become an artist.

I did my masters in Fashion Design for Children at the Fashion Institute of New York. However, my career really started when I moved to the South of France. I became intrigued by pottery and decided to learn the process of how pottery is done. I then decided to launch my own company consisting of collections of artisanal painted pottery.

How do you come up with designs?

Once I start painting, I travel into a bubble, like there is nothing around me. I think about places I’ve been to, things I want to draw, and the colors I want to use. My designs can vary along with my mood, which makes my collections so unique. No two collections are the same. Everything is drawn by hand and so they all look different.

My inspiration comes from different elements, such as the contrasts in colors, the different tones of blue going from the sea to the sky, the sunset which reminds me of the “yellow of Marseille”. I have been very inspired by the South of France, with its vineyards, lavender fields, sunflower fields, and the ocean. I use many of those pure colors when creating new pieces.

What technique do you use to create your collections?

I use a non-toxic water paint made for pottery. I then cover the item with a liquid before cooking in for more than 4 hours in an oven that can go up to 1875 degrees. This enables the liquid to penetrate the pottery and give it a shiny look once the cooking is done.

What are your most popular pieces?

I would say my most popular piece is the coffee set. They come in sets of 6 including 6 cups and 6 small plates.

Another popular set is dinnerware. This set comes with 4 of each, including a bowl, a small desert place and a dinner plate.

I also get many custom orders for house labeling, serve ware, and specific items like ashtrays or small bowls to put Jewelry. In fact, we created a Jewelry Bowl for 22 Jewelry inspired by light, pure colors and the evil eye. Those are the only ones that are sold online, for now…

Here at 22 Jewelry, we try to do collaborations with very special artist such as Sabrina Bennett. By creating specific collections for our customers, we help them find special items, owned by very few people, consisting of things they did not even know they needed.