Statement Pieces


If you love jewelry and really want to show off your unique style, you can wear statement jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, and rings. Statement pieces can be made of any material, such as gold, silver, or turquoise. Here, we would like to show you how to find the right statement piece and how to wear it. 

 What is a statement Piece? 

 What does the term “statement piece” mean? Simple. It’s a beautiful piece that makes a huge statement when you put it on – that’s the essential definition. Often, it is large-sized or a different color, and quite possibly over the top. In simple words – a bold piece that everyone will notice immediately. 

 How to wear statement pieces 

The beauty of statement jewelry is that you can wear very simple clothing, and yet look stunning! A statement piece can be worn on every occasion. Whether you are spending the day at the beach, going to a black-tie event, or just on a normal day. Most women only wear very simple jewelry. It takes a lot of confidence and assurance to rock certain pieces. The best advice we can give to our 22 girls is 

 “If you know you look good, then you do. And with that in mind, can rock anything.” 

 Here at 22 Jewelry, we have many statement pieces. But remember what we stand for : 

 “Jewelry you live in.” 

 Wearing beaded gold jewelry can really pop out your outfit. As simple as it can be, our jewelry reflects with any girl who has style, but is looking to add a little POP of color or gold to her everyday life. Let’s look at some styles and how to wear them. 

This is a photo the founder, Coraline, wearing the Aqua Eva Turquoise necklace. She is wearing a yellow bathing suit, well complimented by this Pearl and Turquoise beaded necklace, creating a wonderfully bold style. This combination is perfect for a day at the beach, reminding us of sun and water, the two most essential elements on Earth.

Our Turquoise collection can be worn in different settings, and pairs well with many colors such as orange, red, or simply white. 

This is a photo of our model wearing the Electra Necklace. She decided to go with a white beachy combination, combined with a touch of red from 22. What a great choice! This really adds a touch of fun and tones up the simple white outfit, creating a more casual-chic resort outfit. This is a perfect example showing how style is in your mind. You can make a casual outfit look chic and vice-versa.

Now let us look at more sophisticated looks. We created a collection in collaboration with Stefania Vaidani using yellow gold and pearl beaded jewelry, ranging from anklets, to bracelets, and necklaces.

This collection is more sophisticated. Many of our 22 girls pair our SV necklaces with work outfits, or with a simple all-white outfit. In this photo, Nadia is going all white. She was able to keep the simple and clean look, staying in the same range of color, while still wearing a statement piece. Our three words to describe our SV collection:  timeless, classy, and stylish.

Stack it up

When we started 22 Jewelry, our focus was bracelets, and a lot of them! We stacked them up, creating new styles, and stacking old pieces with newer ones. If you cross paths with some of our day 1 22 supporters, you will probably notice a stack of beaded bracelets on their arm, men or women.



When it comes to statement earrings, we are OBSESSED! However, a statement piece should be worn by itself. In other words, never pair a statement necklace along with statement earrings. 

 Here at 22, we have a diverse collection of beaded earrings. For women and children, our pieces range from studs, hoops, pearls, ear cuffs, and climbers. 

If you like to dress simple, this style is for you. With our Tara Large Beaded Hoop Earrings, you can make a statement while looking fresh and lively. In this photo, Anael is wearing a black top, paired with two beaded necklaces and large hoop earrings. This outfit can be worn during the day, or at a casual night out, having you look effortlessly chic and sexy.

Sun & Water, the best combination! In this photo, Lorena is wearing the Stefania Vaidani belt from 22, accessorizing her fresh, light purple, one-piece bathing suite. As you can see, she is not wearing any other statement piece. She uses color, wearing only one piece of jewelry: a belt. This style is naked and earthy. It shows the power of simplicity and focuses on the natural look and reflection of the skin. There is nothing better than natural beauty. 

Here at 22, we create statement pieces and combine them with more simple items. Our pieces can be merged, stacked, and worn on various occasions. Take your time and scroll through our collections. You will have fun finding looks that compliment YOUR OWN unique style.