Gold Layering

In this new post, we will be showing you HOW TO layer gold jewelry.

Layers of gold necklaces can become a tangled mess unless you're careful with your choices. When layering gold necklaces, we like to pick chains of varying widths and lengths. Not only will this allow each piece to shine, but you won't be adjusting throughout the day. 

How do you go from a simple look to a layered, fully accessorized look, while keeping it both sophisticated and cool?

Let’s go over a few styles and compare different looks.

In this picture, our model is wearing a stack of the Rania Eye Necklace. This look is very colorful and bold and contains many of the same statement items in different colors. Having too many statement items stacked together can become overbearing. However, staying with the same item gives the look more coordination and keeps it sophisticated. Paired with a pink blazer, this look really stands out.

In this picture, our model is wearing two Mila 3MM yellow gold chockers, combined with one Mila rainbow Necklace. This look is a little simpler than our previous example. It is perfect for those who are not used to wearing too many pieces at once but want to boost up their appearance. This look is perfect for a day at the beach with the rainbow colors and the two simple chokers.

Here, our model is wearing a stack of the Noor 4MM yellow gold bracelet mixed with different size beaded bracelets to add value to her look. Layering simple yellow gold beaded bracelets gives a very fine, sophisticated look. It looks great with a simple, or chic outfit.

Rings can make all the difference! Our model is wearing layers of the 3MM mini-Fifi yellow gold rings. Placed on different parts of her fingers and coupled with simple yellow gold beaded bracelets, the look is young and cool.

There are different ways to stack our jewelry. In our product pages, we have many lifestyle pictures, where you can see our ways of layering different styles of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. We would love to see how YOU layer your 22 pieces! Join Us.