Men's Jewelry

Men's Jewelry

Here at 22 Jewelry, we have a wide collection of beaded jewelry for men, going from yellow gold, to hematite, to string, and to onyx. Our goal is to create elegant pieces that can be worn not only with casual outfits, but also with a suit, complimenting each style equally. We find that choosing jewelry can be more difficult for men. 

You don’t find a style. A style finds you.

How should men wear jewelry

For most men, jewelry can be confusing. Jewelry can have an unattractive stigma and used to have a limited offering on the market. Here at 22 Jewelry, we try to make pieces for the guy who does not wear jewelry. We will show you how any man can sport jewelry without looking wild. 

What should you look for when shopping for jewelry?

It is all about what you connect with and are attracted too. Search for pieces that add an attractive touch to your everyday outfit, pieces you can wear easily. Try not to choose pieces that will overpower your outfit, whether casual or chic. Remember to choose items you can wear for years, items with which you can have many experiences and memories, items that become part of you. 

How should you choose bracelets?

Bracelets used to be made of a much thicker kind of leather or metal. Today, we have grown into more minimal, refined bracelets that can easily be layered or worn on its own. When it comes to wearing multiple bracelets, it is best to balance out the styles, and test our pieces together to see if they compliment each other. In any case, make sure the combination is not too distracting or heavy. If you have the habit of wearing a watch, remember to add a touch of metal or string to your other wrist. 

In this look, our model is wearing a clean casual outfit composed of jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. This outfit is complimented by our newest collection of onyx Athena bracelets. Adding a touch of color without being too heavy. 

String bracelets are often forgotten about, however, they are very light and flattering pieces. Our Misha String Bracelet is representative of the guy who does not wear jewelry. It has yellow gold beads within a string bracelet, which can be resized as necessary, making the sizing perfect for whoever is wearing it. This item is perfect with any casual outfit, but also for a beachier look. 

Here at 22 Jewelry, we try to connect with our customers as much as possible. Our Men’s Collection has been created with our customers, turning custom pieces into iconic ones, and making them available to everyone.