Necklaces may have been among the earliest form of jewelry known to men and women. Necklaces can be seen everywhere in the world. Every culture combines necklaces and other forms of jewelry with their attire. The oldest necklaces were often made from beads on elastic cords.

Why do we love necklaces so much?

Well, we could say that wearing a beautiful necklace makes us feel powerful and confident. It is like getting kissed by the most handsome person and getting a rush all over your body.

If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next!

Necklaces come in long or short styles and can be worn with any type of outfit. Here at 22 Jewelry, we love stacking our favorite styles. From gold beaded necklaces to diamond tennis necklaces, mixing them the right way can really elevate your style.

From chokers to long necklaces, many of them look fabulous on their own. But layering takes necklaces to a whole new level. Stacking can be the perfect way to create a look that has just the right amount of shine. 

Layering necklaces is a common way to dress up an outfit. If you need help figuring out what is the best way to layer, follow these tips.

  • If you layer with more than 2 necklaces, always choose an odd number of necklaces to stack together.
  • You can layer contrasted styles, shapes, materials, and chains.
  • Make sure your necklaces vary in length.

When stacking necklaces, you must be creative. We also love stacking with different types of jewelry. This is wry we will show you some stacking styles we like that you could mix with our collections here at 22.

Same style, different colors

Sometimes stacking enables you to add a spark of fun to a simple outfit. For example, using different colors when stacking necklaces can elevate a simple, casual outfit if done well. This look we found from Anne Sisteron can be paired with any of our yellow gold chokers such as the Mila Yellow Gold Choker.


Diamonds used to be worn during more formal events. Today, women not only still LOVE diamonds, but they wear Tennis Necklaces casually. Some pieces have gotten more casual over time. However, some pieces stay a statement and should only be worn to an even well worth it coming out.

We consider this look more casual. The touch of color really ads a feminine and sensitive touch to the outfit. This look could also be paired with any Yellow Gold Choker from our collection here at 22.

This look is much more formal, the necklace shown here is a statement piece all by itself and does not need stacking. Paired with the perfect earrings, your outfit will be stunning no matter what you choose to accompany this with.


You can use simple gold chains to layer your look. Using different style chains will add a cool, warm feel to your outfit. This look contains different types of chains but also diamonds, pearls, and different shape charms. Use this look to show a more unique way of stacking and you’ll be sure that no one will be sharing your style.