Today, influencers wear what they want or feel like wearing to make a statement. Certain trends were forbidden in the past or were known to describe a certain category of people. This is no longer the case.

An Anklet, also called ankle chain, is a piece of jewelry worn around the ankle. Anklets are a fun attire to dress up casual outfits or adding a finishing touch to more formal attire.

Anklets have become more fashionable from the 1930 to the late 20th century. They were mostly popular amongst barefoot women. However, they stay a less common item today. They are widely used to style bohemian outfits and are popular choices for urban, surf, or street wear.


Anklets were mostly worn by women from Egypt, Europe, South Asia, and Sri Lanka. In Egypt, they were worn as an everyday piece of jewelry by Women of all social classes. They were made from different materials, usually of beads. While gold anklets were more common amongst the rich, silver was more popular amongst lower social classes. In South Asia and Sri Lanka, Anklets were more common amongst dancers and were frequently worn on both ankles.

When we started creating anklets, we thought we needed to have every type of jewelry for our clients to choose from. Little did we know that our Anklets were going to be so popular. We started by creating the Elsa Beaded Anklet in three different tones: yellow gold, rose gold, and silver.

As the Elsa Anklet was becoming very popular, we realized that we needed to add to our collection. This is when we added the two-tone Jen Beaded Anklet. As we went, we continued creating Anklets depending on our new collections, by adding Turquoise, Pearl, Rainbow Colors and mixing them all together. We now sell beaded anklets for women in different materials and styles.

Our pieces always reflect a global way of seeing. They embrace the idea of flow, from the beach to the city, from home to away, and from artisanal producer to conscious consumer. Therefore, you can wear our pieces whether being at the beach, in the city, or even to a special event!