Our Legacy

What is a Legacy? It can be an inheritance of money, of material items such as Jewelry, properties, or art. It can also be values, or anything that is important and passed through generations.

Legacy is the Ultimate person we become.

So, what is ours? What are we trying to pass on through 22 Jewelry?

22 Jewelry is an artisan collection of bracelets that can be mixed, stacked, and curated. The collection is a celebration of the legacy of its creator and head-designer Coraline Bennett Acra, and the family of painters, writers, and designers of fashion and furniture that raised her. The title of the brand, 22, honors Coraline’s father and his favorite number. 22’s designs are an expression of her heritage, of a family that honors creativity and entrepreneurship.

There is no 22 Jewelry without the Caribbean. Coraline embodies the life of an island girl who daydreams of the city. Though rooted in the tropics, Coraline’s designs still reflect a global way of seeing; 22 Collection embraces the idea of flow, from the beach to the city, from home to away, and from artisanal producer to conscious consumer. The figure of the evil-eye, the burlap packaging, and the red are the signature of the brand. Many of the beads, jewels and charms that adorn the limited-edition collection are handcrafted items she’s picked up in her travels. Her designs invite you to be your own artisan, picking what sites in the world best express your style.

Inspired by a heritage and working towards a legacy, 22 Jewelry exists holistically. Coraline is a mother of three; by necessity her life revolves around ideas of future and possibility. To ensure a future for those in need, a portion of proceeds of 22’s sales are donated to a Haitian charity. Every design in 22 is created with a specific person in mind and supports a specific person in need. In this way, 22 Jewelry becomes a piece of you, not a piece you own.

Here at 22 Jewelry, we embrace nature, and try to make a difference for those in needs. We are artists, and those values are passed through generations.