Jewelry for All Generations

A piece of jewelry is often more than just a fashionable accessory. It can be a precious family heirloom, a sentimental gift, a gift to honor, a great achievement, or a symbol of love and commitment. Because of the meaning each piece holds in our hearts, it is important to treat each item with care, so it continues to sparkle with every wear. With the right jewelry care, your prized pieces can last for generations. 

Our collections

22 Jewelry prides itself of hand crafting authentic collections using materials of 14k gold filled beads. Each piece is engraved with our signature, the 22 logo.

The jewelry is a delicate and luxury item. Although the collections are designed to be lived in, they should be treated as delicately as any piece of jewelry. Find rare and cool Stefania Vaidani jewelry collection as good as Collaboration jewelry collection by 22Jewelry. 

The beads are real gold

The beads are 14 KT gold filled and can endure water without changing color. However, be weary of hairspray and salt water. 

Our pearls are genuine

We use genuine pearls so they can vary in shape and color by product.

Our pieces are flexible

Use them casually, formally, or have pieces custom made to fit your style. Stack them or wear them on their own, they will add glamour to your life.

Our pieces express our beliefs and values. Protection with the eye amulet, pieces made for family, and authenticity through our collections. Our love for beauty and family make us think, create, and share through our collections.